A.M. Highlighter: 10 ways you know you work in PR

December 20th, 2013

You have so many business cards from random people trying to “network” with you, you could probably make wallpaper out of them.

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The words: impact, growth, well-positioned, solution, social, and user experience are used in conversation so much they’ve lost their meaning.

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A client made you cry today.

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You haven’t seen you’re family, significant other, children, or friends in days because you essentially live at the office. 24 hours news cycle.

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You know just the right amount of liquor it takes to enjoy a networking event without looking sloppy.

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Your colleague called at 4:30 in the morning while you were sleeping to panic about something. Time to get up.

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The one time a reporter’s voicemail was as follows: if you are an out of state PR firm please do not leave a message we will not return your call.

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You just found out one of your coworkers is leaving to work at another agency but you can’t say anything because it’s going to be a huge PR nightmare and scandal.

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That article you’ve been working out just came out and as you read it, it gets worse and worse. Is this reporter illiterate? Time for wine.

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When your client and management set unrealistic goals for you; suck it up, work it out, call that outlet one more time.

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